Friday, March 30, 2012

Clothes shredding goes mainstream

Our newest project in the store has been making hand made muslin ribbons - to try to find something Andrew likes to do,is good at and can be turned into a product is a never ending quest.

He is absolutely fabulous at shredding - that is a well honed skill -  jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, removing hoods from sweatshirts, sleeves from same, and/or removing the toe ends of socks are all highly enjoyable "hobbies."  Perhaps the clothes are autistically restyled, retro or shabby chic?

Is he onto something the rest of the world is not?  A hoodieless sweat shirt that still bares the raw threads from its recent revision gives it a bohemian sort of look I suppose.  Toeless socks might be nice with sandals... who  makes the rules anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

He has recently taken to removing belt loops from clothing, everyones clothing, we all walk around this house belt loopless - jeans, pants, anything with belt loops. When he can find a scissor the loops are neatly removed, When he cannot it is a random ripping sort of affair, and leaves jagged holes, artfully  placed around the waist band. Should you choose colorful underwear all the better for a more avant garde effect.

So do we have a budding designer? Ready for the runway? maybe not.  He'd need an agent to represent him for sure.

So it was with some tongue in cheek humor that shredding has now gone mainstream... he is now shredding 100% cotton into strips which are then dyed, ironed and turned into colorful homespun ribbons.

So I guess there is some sort of silver lining to even the most awkard and seemingly destructive behaviors.


Andrew's shredding takes on a new flair!

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