Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pot hole paranoia

Who would have thought that lurking under the ice and snow that buried our roads for the past two months were craters, pot holes and in some cases near virtual sink holes destined to swallow up all but the largest of vehicles with the largest of 4 wheelin' tires.

I have made even the most mundane trip to the local store into an adventure in driving. I steel myself for the event... I scowl and survey every bend and crook in the road. Some spots I have memorized and others catch me totally unaware with jaw jarring drops and thumps.

There are "safe routes" and surface of the moon routes popping with craters, heaves, creases and bumps.  I choose the former but I am continuously surprised by new holes popping up daily with the spring thaw.

Road crews even have signs as of late; Road work ahead pot hole repair.

Who thought of the term "pot holes?" Some are not like pots at all, but more like giant abysses or craters destined to swallow your vehicle whole.  What kind of pot were they thinking of ?   These are monster holes not anything that could be contained on a stove top!!

We have one more punch from winter coming later this week - one least wisp of a breath of cold air bringing perhaps (I pray not) MORE snow...  This makes even more challenging choosing a daily route as I am sure the storm will open up more pot holes that were just repaired, and I will have to memorize a new  routes, more swerving, more race car driving... shortly I hope the pot holes will be a thing of the past and I will be complaining about the heat and the squished mosquitoes on my windshield.

Cate :)