Friday, June 19, 2015

Catching up! - Summer begins...changing...growing..evolving

I have been negligent of my blog.. a place to sit and to myself and think out loud...even if no one is listening..,. it feels good to speak to myself and perhaps gain some insight and hopefully wisdom... Reflecting on thoughts at times allows a glimpse into changes that needed to be made.

During this last winter I gave a lot of thought to change... and movement with my flowers. I am happy making flowers, but not necessarily happily if I don't change, improve, and transition to new ideas.. I am not enthralled with ho hum and repetitive and find myself flitting from one idea to another.. easily thrown off track by different styles, ideas...and  questioning myself what do I want to do.. how do I want to do it and how do I want others to perceive my little business.

It is important for me to stay true to ideals and to myself... not get lost or sidetracked by what is popular or what others are doing... to the point of emulating another's creation, but taking into consideration change, movement and improving what I have already created.

BIG flowers are BIG this year.. and I love them... CRICUT die cutting remains a staple of the trade.. do I change my patterns to meet these challenges and speed up the process of flower making or do I stay true to my own petite flowers... do petite flowers have a place... I had to answer my own queries... the answer Yes... STAY TRUE TO WHAT YOU DO BEST but at the same time.. improving, change... grow... to meet your own standards and your own expectations... and so that question was put to bed. I am not going BIG and I am not going to die cutting... it would pull me away from my main goal and purpose... the only purpose of this shop is to give back... and so I will continue to make smaller flowers that andrew can help with ... to leave him out would be to leave my path... to stray from my purpose and I am unwilling to do that. He must be included injn our shop's products... if he is not I won't  feel fulfilled.

We continue our efforts to give back.. having made a donation  to the South Jersey Kids Trust in March of this year and we offer continue baking organic dog treats for donation to the Burlington Township animal shelter.

And so we move forward  and it seems right and proper to add some new pictures since I have been amiss at keeping up!!!
New Italian crepe paper party favors

Rustic hand cut birch slices

Some new color combinations for our Mason jar flowers

A colorful Mason Jar Pastel collection.

New Products coming soon!