Saturday, June 2, 2012

DONATION MADE - Shop continues to work toward success

A donation was made to the SJ Kids Trust from Papercatz and Pizzacatz both at

I hope to continue to be able to make more donations and to push this little business to a place of ongoing contributions.

Andrew continues to work also toward becoming more independent in the shop and we are totally reorganizing his chores to make him an independent guy and make him feel like a real employee of his own business.

We will be moving and renovating the other side of our old barn to become a more streamlined place of business to hopefully welcome more business in the next year to enable us to donate more and more to charities directed towards individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.

thank you to everyone who has donated, and hope for the future to donate  in a bigger way to break this cycle of apathy and hoplessness.

Everyone has the ability to do good things, it simply depends on your point of view. Do you believe you can?If you believe then indeed you CAN.