Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Petals and Stems - a new face for Papercatz - Etsy marketplace

I have had the time to think quite a bit these last few months... sales have lagged and then hit the wall with a resounding thud.. not sure why, but Etsy has become a corporate giant that seems to swallow up its little stores... in an effort to increase their revenue and visibility new rules and regulations have been initiated for selling, shipping, mass  manufacturing, that seem to make the "little guy" all but disappear..... and I am one of those little guys. I began to think that my shop was failing. My products failing, but I am realizing that no that is not the case. In fact my products have improved, become more diverse and more customizable and more one of a kind. As I improve and grow, my visibility on Etsy disappears. I am lost and drowning in a sea of products, shops and sellers.. Millions of listings, millions of views, how does one slog through all of that to get to me? They don't? They cannot.

It is not that my products have been viewed and dismissed, my products have never been found. On those occasions where they are, my buyers have been very enthusiastic and happy  with the products... no view equals no sales. No sales equals no work for Andrew who is the heart of this operation.

Recently he has been making custom hand stamped papers that are turned into flowers that are truly made with care and love and are one of a kind.  To see this all stop and come to a halting stop is heartbreaking for me. I would rather give the flowers away than stop.... I would rather pass them out at hospitals or donate to charities to cheer someone than stop. To stop is to abandon my dream that Andrew would have a job, a creative outlet.. but it is hard so hard to keep going sometimes. I only have to look at him stamping, smiling and engaged and I renew my self and begin again.  I do it for him. I do it for love.

We will be focusing on "petals and stems" a branch of Papercatz focusing on the relationship of Andrew's involvement in our paper making.... he is responsible for cutting all of the stems for our flowers as well as stamping the papers.  I am responsible for assembling all of the stems. Together we make a simply determined team.