Monday, May 19, 2014

Kokedama fever - Japanese string plants - or plants without pots

Kokedama is not an illness nor a real fever but the art of arranging by Japanese standards simple lines of plants inside a natural moss wrap.  A plant within a plant if you will.

The plant is selected and placed carefully in its own premade dirt/clay ball - surrounded with live moss - wrapped with simple twine and either suspended on a string (i.e. string plants) and/or placed on a pedestal or shallow platter.

Live moss surrounds the plant and your little fledgling is nestled carefully inside.  It is quite interesting. I love all things nature based so it was natural when I saw these little beauties that I had to try to duplicate.

Today is Kokedama day #1 - I will monitor to see how my little plants do in this new environment and mixture and success or failure will be carefully measured over the next two weeks.  Fingers are crossed.

If they maintain their health - they will become a staple of Papercatz products and be on display at local craft fairs and markets - I don't think shipping would be in their best interest.

How rustic and natural this would look on a sunroom table or shaded patio. 
 I could also see this as petite  party favors or  part of a rustic table setting.