Friday, June 20, 2014

Show time

I don't do a lot of shows, but the ones I do I like. Good to meet the people behind the keyboard and to see new clients and enjoy meeting up with  people I have met before.

I spent the last week painting pots and potting plants, making banners and paper flowers. Mason Jars are a popular theme right now and I find them simple,  yet timeless.

I have painted, painted again, sealed and prepped more Mason Jars then I care to recall. Included in this prep work are ribbons and sanding... so it is  nice to see it all come together.

Creating new beginnings

I am always concerned and interested in creating new products. Never satisfied to sit contentedly with what "is" I am always looking for "what's next" or what "will be."

Creating a line of products that are customer friendly and earth friendly are in my thoughts frequently, while constantly striving to keep my young helpers interested and motivated,.

Our shop was born from the need to create employment for our son, Andrew, who at age 3 was diagnosed with autism. Autism has become a far too common household word and almost everyone can name someone they know with autism, either family or friends.

Unfortunately, Andrew was diagnosed with classic autism, nonverbal, struggling and at times difficult.  We make each day a new day and try not to "keep score" of the failures or false starts, but instead focus on new beginnings and new hopes and dreams.

He has had a difficult time this past month suffering a seizure for the first time. It is a little known fact  that individuals with more severe autism frequently suffer seizures either as young children or as they emerge into adulthood. It is a scary, complex and unwanted part of what is already a complex situation.

And so we move forward slowly, carefully and with hope that his seizure disorder will be mild and can be controlled and managed.  He has been slowly returning to his job at Papercatz and will be busy today helping me get ready for a show on Saturday.

Recently while working in the garden,  I looked down to see a little heart shaped leaf had stuck itself to my foot. I took it as a sign of good faith and love from mother nature as I treasure my time outdoors.
A bit of love from Mother Nature. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The chickens are coming

Well in the past few weeks I wrangled a new chicken coop for some new birds that have joined the menagerie.

Bearded, booted Belgian D'uccles - long name for bantam (small sized) chickens with lots of feathers on the their feet and also little feathers that stick out like beards around their face.

They were released today for the first time and seem to be loving being all that chickens can be..

Many people tell me they don't like chickens and I can never figure out why. They are harmless, comical, social and easy keepers. Food, water, shelter and they are content.

There are four - supposedly hens  - 2 are roosters - they were "mock fighting" today hope they don't take it to the next level. Chest bumping each other in a very energetic dance.

The other two are hens very timid and pleasant. Friendly and docile - this breed is a lovely pet. They lay small beige eggs. Three eggs make a nice scrambled egg omelet.

A brave hen taking a tentative first step. 

A rooster making his way down backwards... now who is doing it better?  hmmm