Sunday, June 8, 2014

The chickens are coming

Well in the past few weeks I wrangled a new chicken coop for some new birds that have joined the menagerie.

Bearded, booted Belgian D'uccles - long name for bantam (small sized) chickens with lots of feathers on the their feet and also little feathers that stick out like beards around their face.

They were released today for the first time and seem to be loving being all that chickens can be..

Many people tell me they don't like chickens and I can never figure out why. They are harmless, comical, social and easy keepers. Food, water, shelter and they are content.

There are four - supposedly hens  - 2 are roosters - they were "mock fighting" today hope they don't take it to the next level. Chest bumping each other in a very energetic dance.

The other two are hens very timid and pleasant. Friendly and docile - this breed is a lovely pet. They lay small beige eggs. Three eggs make a nice scrambled egg omelet.

A brave hen taking a tentative first step. 

A rooster making his way down backwards... now who is doing it better?  hmmm 

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