Thursday, March 29, 2012

Andrew at work

I have seen great strides since Andrew has been working in our shop.  Our  logo is  "Creative employment for people with autism."

I would like to hope and think that our sons and daughters can do  more than put bolts in a box or some other mundane task that society deems they can or should do.  What can we do to change this perception?
I would like to hope and think that if given the opportunity our kids can do many many things, it is on our shoulders to think up those tasks that are respectful and interesting to them and then make it happen....

Maybe that should be the store's logo: MAKE IT HAPPEN  

Andrew was hard at work this day putting labels on little soap samples!  He seemed to really like it and I think on some level he knows it is something different and something more tuned in to independence and growing up.... He labeled quite a few soaps that day, and he was quite fast at it... His only reward was a bag of chips! 


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