Monday, March 26, 2012

Hope & love autism hearts

For the last month I have been working on little stoneware autism puzzle  heart charms. They are hand made, and fired in a kiln, glazed and fired again. 

A labor of love truly.  Many of the hearts have love and hope inscribed on the back. 

A little necklace was created  and I hope to honor Autism awareness month in a special way.

Our candles are up and running, (albeit slowly, I  need a few more arms and definitely a second set of fingers to finish all I would like to do)...

I hope they are successful in raising some awareness and some money toward our goal of donating more IPODS and IPADS to individuals with autism...

A delicate hemp, bamboo or leather cord was added to allow them to be worn as a necklace or dangled in your car as a reminder to never let hope and love slip away... No matter what, keep those things close to your heart.



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