Friday, March 23, 2012

Dandelion Cooperative blog is up and running

After much faltering on my part and lots of stuttering getting the blog up and running with mistakes on my part I think I have finally gotten it right!  

So let me start over - I hope to explain what the Dandelion cooperative is all about. Simply put it is an on-line shop that sells hand made items on Etsy. 

Everything in the shop is hand made by myself, or other craftspersons or artisans from soaps to candles to hand thrown pottery.  

The purpose of this small grass roots company and the intent of this company was pretty simple. It was created in the darkest of times of our lives as parents of a teen with autism.  During the darkest of times, the shop brought us hope by fund raising to buy IPADS for some families with young men with autism.

With the support from some great parents on  an autism listserv, together we managed to raise enough money to buy two devices and send them out to a young man in NY and one in Washington State.

That was the seed of the Dandelion Cooperative and it continues on with hope and perserverance.

The products that are sold through the Dandelion Cooperative are supported by artisand and craftspersons who support our quest to raise money for our  extended "family."  We continue to work hard every day to produce products that are quality made, hand made and fun to use. 

Each and every aspect of the process wherever possible includes our most important shop member, Andrew.

He takes part in many of the inner workings of the shop from hole punching to stapling to glueing, mailing and ripping.

Every project, whenever possible includes his help and he seems to enjoy the part he plays in the shop. 

The shop will continue to donate money toward the purchase of IPADS AND IPODS with communication software  and every sale  contributes to this goal. Each artisan donates 20% of sales toward  the purchase of the next communication device. That is their pledge and that will always be the goal of this shop.

Onward and upward and thanks to everyone for their support!

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