Saturday, March 24, 2012

A smile is worth 1000 words

For the past year or so we have been missing our son's smile, and joy.  Recently, it has begun to come back in spurts. Mixed in with the bad days, there are a few little rays of sun that you pray return and shine through the clouds.

I caught this brief relaxed smile a few months back as we began to set up the barn as his workshop, job, classroom area.  As you can see ( I wish I could use Photoshop to erase all the background clutter), we were stocking up on ribbons.

since then Andrew has learned to measure and cut ribbons for gift boxing and wrapping.  We used a simple method of using a Sharpie on a card table to measure our feet and yards, and with a scissor and scotch tape he measures out and snips. 

He shows a real interes in working in his little shop and if he smiling I know I am at least on the right path.

Does anyone have a picture they have of their son or daughter engaged in a crafty activity or leisure activity and smiling?  I pray for smiles these days... so many days of unhappiness and gloom, a smile can make my day. 


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