Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jeremy's climb

I received a picture from a young man. His mom sent it to me, and it shows a beautiful kid with a giant smile on his face.

His mom entitled it "Jeremy's climb" - she was referring to his rope climbing adventures.

However, I think Jeremy's climb refers to much more - his climb through life is precarious  - lots of traps, and craters, pitfalls, and mountains to climb just to do what other young boys his age can do easily and without assistance.

He is hanging onto ropes in this picture with a harness and has two spotters on the ground. 

It is symbolic to me how many people are needed to help a person with autism "climb."  We need teachers, and doctors, behaviorists, support personnel - these people are our daily "ropes" just to get us to the next steps.

I hope that we can all celebrate Jeremy's climb and pray for his climb to continue and that he gets the assistance he needs from all those people that  he and all our kids need to make each day successful. 

With love to Jeremy and his mom Barbara - who is his daily climb "instructor." 


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