Monday, December 17, 2012

Thomas & Tabitha - furry sunshine

Last year was a difficult pet year - we have a menagerie of pets and when we lose we lose big as sometimes we will lose two pets at a time.    Last year was one of those horrible years - our shop's avatar and our faithful cat companion, Jack, was lost to us last year in February.  After 16 years it was time for him to go but we had such a hard time letting go it was palpably painful.

Thinking it could get no worse than that, we went on to lose Lilly and Obi to cancer. Lilly was our Maine coon who was only 10 and Obi our black lab also 10.  How did this happen - we kept shaking our heads - three pets in 6 months.

We held onto Obi as long as we could until we knew it was time to let him go.. and we did so, with great sorrow and lots of tears. He was a faithful wonderful companion.

True to our usual fashion, we began the search for new  furry family members  - special friends that accept us through all of our worries, troubles, dust bunnies, and poor clothing choices.  There is never a dog or cat for that matter, who will give you a sidelong glance of disapproval as you strut out the door looking ridiculous. I wish I could say that for human companions, but they will give you the raised eyebrow sending you scurrying to change! Not so with the furry friends... no disapproval there.

I have been known to walk out the door with two different shoes ... I usually catch myself, but were I not to do so, our dog would not miss a beat. As long as we move forward dogs will accept whatever your fashion taste dictates. 

So with that in mind last year Thomas Kitten (from Beatrix Potter fame), joined us in February. 

Not a week later we returned for his sister, Tabitha Twitchell.  He was such a super kitten, such a great guy we felt two might be even better. We were right. They are a delightful duo. We love them dearly and treasure every day with them. They have fulfilled their cat promise - to love, cherish, purr a lot and just plain like us a lot, and we  love them back with the same fervor. 

Both Thomas & Tabitha were willing, (albeit reluctantly) to pose for their birthday pictures - this month is their 1st birthday.   We are happy to have them in the family!

Happy Birthday Thomas and Tabitha.    

Thomas dressed in his holiday ribbon.

Sister Tabitha  looking so dignified and self possessed. 

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