Monday, December 31, 2012

Beating winter blahs

Although I am a big fan of winter - I am NOT a fan of sissy winters - those winters where rain predominates and snow is pushed  aside for gusts of rainy misery.

Our yard is going through a period frost and freeze sequence. First we freeze up giving us the illusion of reasonable footing and then we have the big slushy thaw with your feet sliding  around like a walk in a bowl of pudding. Actually the mud does resemble some very creepy mocha or deep chocolate  pudding. We have resorted to putting a bale of hay in place to give traction to our boots and create the ambiance of dry in a world of wet slushy  mud.

The studio is undergoing some minor renovations in the way of new modular units to hold the never ending supply of paper products, tools and equipment.  So the motto of a "place for everything" is the theme for 2013.

Was able to put up a string of little pink hearts this weekend - ready to wish the holiday season good bye in anticipation of spring and Valentines Day.  Will be posting this little garland to the shop in the next day or two.

The flower business is in full swing with new bouquets being readied every day with an emphasis on soft and warm pastels.  A little mini bouquet of pistachio is getting ready for its photographic debut! So pretty.

Muslin ribbons are also getting their spring colors with teals, blues, lilacs,  peach and rose just really lovely to look at and fun to think of uses for all these recyclable ribbons. 

Think spring... Cate  oh and Happy New Year !

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