Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looks like we made it

Looks like we made it through another Christmas... sometimes the "peaceful" holiday is anything but peaceful with shopping, gift giving, wrapping and cooking at the top of the list and relaxing and enjoying at the bottom.

I often wish and I still hope that I could have the luxury of going away for Christmas to a quaint (but warm and cozy) cabin in the woods with a few close friends/family and just being. Not worrying, not rushing, not overwhelmed, just being in the  moment with the woods, the quiet, nature, and serenity.

I have never done this, but it is a life long wish. Where the cabin would be exactly I am not sure, but I can picture it in my mind's eye and I long to fulfill that wish. 

I believe nothing can happen unless one wills it to happen and then takes the steps to activate that dream, so to that end I have  no excuses other than I allow life to get in the way of dreams.

 Dreams are so important - they are the fiber of life - not work - not success - not financial gain - not a big house or the latest must have gadgets - dreams ARE the fabric  and the foundation  of your mind's happiness. Without dreams, without aha moments  - life is quite flat.

I think we all know when we have reach the flat zones, and it is what we do to shake it up and climb out that will forever influence the way we live our lives.

And now we wait for the new year - with some hope but also trepidation ...what will it bring? I will live it by being present in the moment ...maybe tentatively laying down some longer range plans.

The shop continues by the grace of God and grit. It is not without a lot of work but it is all "good work"  creative, mind happy work.  We will look to add new products, change products and perhaps  move in different directions. I think our path is clear now - what we are and what we will be as a shop.

We have many challenges with Andrew, many many challenges. He challenges us just to keep him moving forward on some days and on some days moving in baby steps is the best that we can do - but I live encapsulated in the belief that hope and faith and love are powerful motivators.   I believe that what will be will be and I will do everything in my power to make the very best situation for andrew as I possibly can and fulfill my own dream of selling quality, hand made products with the help of my friends with autism.

My goal is to add another young man with autism this year and begin the process of  integrating another individual to the shop to learn the tasks that make a shop run successfully. With autism it is always one step forward and 3 or 4 back - but it is the nature of the game, and we play by their rules not ours... 



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