Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gathering of the tree and....

Today we found a tree - a balled tree - so that after the holidays it can go back to mother  nature and be replanted. It will offer the birds a wonderful nesting area, a buffer from the windows and a natural air scrubber - adding its own form of air  cleaning that only  plants and trees can do.

It is a Noble Fir - and it is quite noble - smelling delicious - and fresh dug from a local farm.  It is a lovely tree and will make a great addition to our  landscape. 

Tomorrow it gets to come indoors for a bit of tree  trimming.

Took some time today to regroup, clean up and cleaning out the studio which seems to get cluttered  so quickly.  So to that end the antique buffet has actual counter space again, its warm brown bees waxed surface visible again! Little Christmas trees stand lined up, having been liberated from the clutter that had surrounded them. 

A little garland hangs on the wall surrounded by the upright beams that carpenters had erected in a post and beam fashion back in the 1890's.  Horses were parked here back in those days and the beams shown signs of horse nibbling with some areas that are more worn down others I guess from the busy teeth of antsy horses waiting impatiently for their owners. 

So this barn has taken on new life as a studio for our little business and a warm and nurturing place to be creative, and to reflect on life  gone by -  those simpler times. 

A paper garland adds a little winter sparkle. 

In the 1890's carpenters left their marks with Roman numerals to guide their building. See the three hatch marks scratched in the beams along with the pegs to make sure all was well with the building!

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