Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making cotton trendy, accessible and animal friendly

A wonderful alternative to store bought chemically processed ribbons.  How really are ribbons made. What do they do to them to give them a shiny patina, glossy finish and imprinted ink designs. Where are they made and more importantly  how are they made. I will have to do a micro investigation of this topic since I am truly curious...
Our ribbons are made with cotton - pure unbleached cotton - they are washed and dried and dipped and dyed, stripped and stacked and tied and bundled, but they are NOT chemically treated other than with soap and water. We use a nontoxic dye and we try to mimic the wonderful colors you can achieve with silk without the expense  or the use of nonvegan friendly materials.

We are a humane critter loving studio with an entire herd/flock of animals from chickens to fish to everywhere in between.  So killing something to make a product or chemically treating a product is not our cup of tea... not now not ever.

We hope to get Andrew shredding some more muslin for us today. Yesterday was an off day for him, and when asked if he wanted to work, he quickly and succinctly cirled NO on his clipboard. Well everyone gets to take a day off don't they? And so it went that he got the day off... pretty crafty of him.  (pun intended).


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