Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Barely winter

We have had a barely winter this year - 2012 going out like a lamb and 2013 coming in like a lamb. I think that is supposed to happen in spring, but I think spring has sprung or has never left.

I usually enjoy the cold winters to rejuvenate and regenerate from a long long hot summer, but this year the seasons seem to merge one into the other in and out again.

So for me today to be out in a sweater in January signals a  real conscious nod to the warming trend. Call it what you will, but it scares me. 

I am posting a picture of one of the few times I have seen snow this "winter" and I fear that I will not see it again until 2014.

Andrew continues to roller blade very easily since there is nary a drop of ice or snow on the ground and so for him this is a very good winter... 

A view from outside the barn back window when we got a little tiny blast of winter - this was taken around 8 a.m. and it soon blew off and burned off and by afternoon all was brown, and green once again as if it had never happened. But it was nice to wake up to. 


waiting for winter?

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