Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are ethics dead -or on temporary hiatus

I feel more likely inclined as of late to be fostering and festering with the belief  that ethics are indeed or at the very least they are asleep,  hibernating or in suspended animation.

Do I hold tight to a higher set of ethics than most? than some? I didn't think fact I thought my ethics were pretty much the norm, the status quo for ethics in middle class America.

What I find in these last months and years is that all that I hold dear and true is not what others hold dear and true and that in the pursuit of a career, salary or brownie points, many people are willing to put ethics aside for their own greater good. Isn't the whole point of ethics to pretect the greater good of all and not just one. When one throws ethics aside and protects oneself doesn't the whole premise of ethics become a moot point. Can ethics exist with super egos? I don't think they are compatible traits.

For me, ethics exist in a vacuum, an untouchable and sacred vault that you reach into on those auspicious occasions when ethics are called into play... and trot out your own personal set of ethics, and stand them up for all to see and admire.

I find instead ethics are now more multiple choice, on demand,  triggered only partially and in many cases not triggered at all.

It leads me to question are they dead? of just in a deep deep slumber. 


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