Friday, January 4, 2013

Do we forget what bravery looks like?

Yesterday I watched a speech given by Gov. Christie of N.J.  I was brought to tears.

Why would a political speech bring anyone to tears with the amount of apathy and duplicity that is so prevalent in government today.

It did so because I heard truth, full, blatant, I don't care if you like it truth - against all odds and flying in the face of popular opinion, political party opinion, tactfulness or pandering to achieve political gain.

I  heard truth like I have not heard it in a very long time, especially from politicians.  I heard concern. I heard compassion and I  heard a truthful energy fueled by disgust and frustration and anger.

Is this what bravery looks like? I think, yes, it is.

Bravery to me is to pit oneself against the odds, against the grain, and against the popular opinion. Be tactful we are told, don't say what is on your mind, be polite, be willing to be quiet even when your insides are twisting and turning at injustice. 

Bravery comes in all forms. Bravery for my son is getting up every day against the odds of success, nonverbal, and disabled to come out and work and to come out and be present in the world despite how difficult it is for him.  Bravery is the family fighting for their child in a hospital facing chronic illness. Bravery is caring for an aging parent. Bravery is fighting bureaucratic red tape to secure services for your loved ones and bravery is never giving up.  Bravery is having the force of will to change circumstances.  

Gov. Christie was not quiet  about his anger, and he was not willing to be tamed by a congress who intentionally denied aid to the people of New York and New Jersey---families and businesses displaced and disrupted for months.  He took them on - and he laid their greed and their agendas out bare for all the world to see.

It is the most powerful tool in the world in my opinion. TRUTH - it moves mountains, it performs miracles and it saves our souls. It opens up our hearts to being all that we can be as humans. Without truth, without ethics or integrity we have nothing. Even animals have an instinctual behavior code. We humans do not. Most importantly, it lays bare those individuals who hide behind their dishonesty and agendas by EXPOSING them to ridicule, criticism and loss of status. For their own ego they will change their position to protect themselves, for after being exposed, their fear their own loss of status and wish to save face. 

When I fight for my son for all his needs in special education meetings I feel I am often fighting this same battle - duplicity, untruths, agendas and purposeful evasion of providing much needed services. School District study teams ARE MY CONGRESS. 

I do not have clout to  change my school's direction. I am one small David throwing pebbles at Goliath, but I am inspired to keep trying. To not be knocked down or knocked out when the truth needs to be told.

I am going to wear bravery on my sleeve and truth in my pocket as I face them today for one more go-round of deception and evasion.

I hope we can hear more straight talk from our politicians and I, for one, am very proud of our Governor. I only wish he was available today for my own school meeting!



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