Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sharing creative activities for people with autism

Wanted to share a picture of Joe - a young man with autism - who seems to have a knack for die cutting. His mom is super creative and it is only natural that he would follow in her foosteps.  I am sure we can all stretch our imaginations a little bit and realize that crushing soda cans, emptying garbage cans and cleaning up tables, (which has been the status quo ) for so long  - is something of a stuck-in-the-past idea.

We can do better and we should do better. It is the purpose of this blog to show we ARE doing new things and breaking new barriers. Open minds   open possibilities...

What a beautiful and perfectly organized activity area for Joe - I  think lots of good things could happen in this studio!

Here we have Joe using a die cut machine.   Wonder what he was making?


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