Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence day

What do you think when you approach the 4th of July - what are we celebrating independence from? work for the day? 

I'd like to think of 4th of July as  high summer - a time to enjoy the summer breezes - but it has been so hot as of late, not too much to enjoy other than turning up the A/C.

We have been busy though and we never stop.

Getting ready for two shows in Sept and October and trying to get an inventory on board to be able to support our shows and also to be able to make another donation to SJ Kids Trust.

andrew has proven himself to be a diligent worker and we hope and pray for some good karma to send us to our next destination - whatever that might be - we are open to change, hope and optimism.

Working on some new ideas, new party favors and hoping for success to carry us through next year. We always make items that Andrew can participate in assembling or producing and our long term goal would be to add another individual to help work in the shop with us.

We have been getting a lot of support in our efforts to keep Andrew busy from his great behavioral specialist, Amanda.  She has taken a lot of new pictures and we will be posting them to Facebook as they evolve...

Wishing and hoping for everyone's summer to be peaceful..


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