Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Our little studio in the carriage barn has a very long history. Constructed in the 1890's it was built to house the horse and buggies that would travel far and wide to attend dances at the local Grange. Built mainly in a rich agricultural region of central New Jersey it has a rich history of ties to the Revolutionary War and the Delaware River freight businesses.

Surrounded by a plethora of towns boasting ties to Molly Pitcher, George Washington and Revolutionary War battlefields, this area served as a meeting place and a trading post as far back as anyone can remember and history can account for.

With this rich history this barn sat vacant over the years and/or stored car parts and miscellaneous bits of this and that that overflowed from the house.

During the time that Andrew became more effected  by autism and required more stimulation and engagement, the barn served to provide a source of positive interactions with arts and crafts etc.  It now serves as his studio and craft room to explore new and different ways to engage him in his own little endeavor to produce products to help others with developmental disabilities procure the items they need to be successful. 

So eventually, we will get moved and relocated into a nice airy space to continue with our endeavors to make products that people will enjoy having and whose proceeds will benefit  other individuals with disabilities.

Our charity is SJ Kids Trust - you can visit them on line.

Cate for Andrew

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