Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Papercatz Garden - High summer

I like to document the seasons and the changes they bring to my patch of earth.  We have a large flower garden and a smaller vegetable garden - all organic.

we struggle with the soil as it is not great growing medium, and it needs to be amended and helped along to provide proper nutrients.  This year is our second year with tomatoes and gourds, peppers, and herbs.

The gourds are going great with new babies popping up along the vine every day. Today I spied some new ones in green with yellow tops.  The remainder are a nondescript fall gourd, but I love them nonetheless as they are home grown.

I can sense the seasons more than I even see them... I feel them change. I believe even if you took away a calendar I would know where we are in the seasons by the way the light slants, the bugs hum and the birds fly.

The time of spiders will soon be upon us ... they occupy the zone between late summer and early autumn. It is still warm in the day but the nights cool forming copious amounts of dew on the grass, drenching your shoes even with a simple walk across to the barn.

The spiders will work furiously to form tiny webs everywhere in the grass, I suppose trapping the last of summer's bounty.  Knowing full well what cold lies ahead they seek to gorge themselves on other hapless insects.  Its a bug eat bug world...

From the tiniest of insects the need to survive and the drive to survive is hard wired.

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