Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life cycles on our mini farm

Our two hens Penny and Paris have taken to roosting and trying to hatch infertile eggs. Our rooster died a month of so ago, so there is no doubt these are chickless eggs.

I recently acquired some fertilized eggs from a chicken friend and they are now sitting on possible real live chicks. My first hatchlings! Maybe I hope. I pray the experiment does not go amuck. I wait with much anticipation.

So we candled the eggs the other day and there were veins throughout - my chicken friend told me this was a great sign. So the girls continue to sit. We are almost 10 days in with about 11 more to go.  3 weeks for a chicken to become a chicken.

We started on the 17th!

Paris is the buff/blondie.

Penny is the black hen - she is cranky now when I bother her!Eggs to tend


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