Friday, June 28, 2013

The soul of the matter....

I have been tossing around some thoughts as of late...trying to put my finger on what is missing...what is lost....what is wrong... why is the universe tilted a bit more than it should for my comfort.

It dawned on me today that there is a distinct  and measurable decrease in  the "soul factor"...

I suppose "soul" for many people can be defined in a variety of ways, but for me soul is the heart of the person, their philosophy, and their ethics, their ability to rise above and still when struggling do the right thing.  It's the guy coming home from an all night  shift who sees  a car about to careen into another human standing waiting for a bus, and dives in to save them, risking his own life in the process.

It's the mother who opts for life when she learns her baby has Down's syndrome. It's the coworker who donates a kidney.  It's those selfless, kind hearted acts that we all marvel at and wish we could emulate. It's soul.

It is the life of what and who we are as humans, and it is the loss of soul of compassion and kindness and a darkness that takes over us that dims this capacity and creates the chaos, and unkind acts that for some reason I seem to be seeing a lot of lately.

I love my customers from my little on line store, and their kind feedback feeds my soul and makes me go back to the table to try to be more creative and more productive.

For us all we have those sources of light and strength for our lives. Tap into those sources regularly, whatever they may work.. religion...volunteering.

Receiving or giving acts of genuine  kindness  are truly food for the soul....


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