Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flowers flowers flowers

I am trying to take the time to conjure up new ideas for flowers - we have shows in the fall and there never seem to be enough flowers available.

If I make blue flowers, everyone wants gray, if I make gray, teal is  the big request.

So I make what I like and hope that others do too.  I have also been concentrating on "baby things." Babies are a popular decorating  theme and I have been obsessed with pink and brown.  Owls are a huge theme at the moment as well. Not quite sure how some critters  move to the top of the animal heap in popularity, but they have been enjoying an upswing for the past year.  I chuckle to myself when I think about the predatory nature of owls and really not the cutesy little creatures to feature at a baby shower perhaps, but we all love owls and we forgive them for the naturally driven predatory instincts... We cut them poetic license I suppose to sit at the baby shower like a fuzzy little friend, (talons and beaks are NEVER part of the allure) and I get some sort of personal chuckle when featuring owls.

They are one of my favorite creatures and I respect them for all they do and they are magnificent to behold should you be so lucky to see one in nature. I saw one many years ago when I was a kid and I will never forget the site of him/her sitting proudly  on our porch railing in the failing light of sunset.

Baby girl garland with baby owl. 

enjoy your day... cate

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