Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring and the garden

Well... the garden is pitiful this year with weeks winning the battle. Weeds 1 Cate 0.

I have made a vow to spend at least 1 hour per day beating back the weeks. I have the most beautiful garden and it is as if nature has conspired with rain and mild temperatures to grow the weeds faster than the flowers.

Beautiful roses are blooming... swooning in the twilight, just electric. Evening is the magical time to take pictures of flowers, they glow. The purples glow deeply and the pinks are neon. BUT only for a shortwhile till twilight overtakes their beauty and puts them to bed.

How simple their lives are, but how fraught with danger from insects intent on eating them and mother nature in the last years wanting to cook them in its heat.

I love early spring/late summer, but I loathe high summer when you bake, sweat and yearn for a breeze.

So for now let me enjoy my beautiful peaceful garden until the tides turn, the sun beats hard and the insects  find them.

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