Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making ribbon - a joint effort

We have tried to the best of our ability as a family to turn the 'deficits' of autism into benefits - and so it went that when Andrew desired to rip and shred (clothing, books, sheets, blankets) etc - we looked to see how we could turn this destructive habit into a wonderfully helpful and appropriate habit.

It must feel good to hear the sensation of rip rip rip since he engages in this behavior quite often. Many a jacket has met its fate at his hands, tossed aside only to move onto the next.

So it began that muslin ribbons were born in this shop. Cotton is "rippable" and wonderfully earth friendly, sustainable and renewable and simple... very simple.

The shredding became a job and a job he enjoys. The shredding now provides us with our ribbons, multi colored and shabby - hand dyed and ready for anything.

Today was violet and teal day at the shop and Andrew's cotton had found a new life as packaging and jewelry making material.

Andrew's shredded cotton looks quite  happy in its new purpose.


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