Friday, March 1, 2013

Testing your mettle - autism and you - a primer

Testing your mettle - I like the sound of that - sounds like a war or a battle of strength and will. It is often that way with autism. Who is stronger - autism - or you ? What is normal - what is normal for you and for your family  when living with autism.  How to survive it  - maybe never conquer it - surely never conquer  it - but survive it - live with it? partner with its idiosyncracies? Learn to learn from it and use it  to go forward...

I think every day and sometimes more on some days than others - that I will just succumb to the intricacies that autism presents - the challenges - road blocks - detours and dead ends.  It is only with the utmost strength and pure determination that we move this boulder forward, and yet we do it.

Like a little mustard seed we have strength and faith.

We have to block out the distractions - avoid the pitfalls of despair - and silence  naysayers - and move as best we can with a backwards glance over our shoulders at where we  have been-- knowing full well that sometimes we will "visit backwards" before going forward.

Anyone living with someone with a lifelong cognitive disability  or physical disability knows that path well.

We prepare to go forward with the same grit and determination that we face every challenge, tentatively but with courage and hope.

We are happy to share some new flowers and hope that they brighten the day!  Spring is coming!
pretty in blue gold and ivory

pretty in violet and gray

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