Monday, March 25, 2013

Mother Nature's March Joke

Too early for April Fools - but when I woke up to snow this a.m. (March 25!) I was a bit surprised.

It is snowing hard and fiercely  - trying to convince itself that it is mid January and in the fury of winter's blast, but instead it coats Daffodils meekly protruding from the earth in stubborn spring splendor.

It coats my willow and blankets the horses.

Scenes from the barn - the horses are inside today away from this spring snowsquall and the willow, though trying to sprout buds, is now covered in slushy, heavy snow.

No doubt this week we will have days in the 60's to further confuse flora and fauna!

The horses are hiding from this late winter storm. 

Snow on the willow, struggling to bloom. 

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