Saturday, March 9, 2013

Late snow - time in the barn

It is surprising to wake up today to snow, yes snow in March - not too  usual for us, but always possible.

It is an earnest snow with the determination to stick itself to the ground without a whole lot of success, but it keeps coming.

I tried a few shouts at the sky this a.m.- invocations I suppose- my feeble attempts to coerce mother nature to let winter go... let the daffodils bloom and allow us to move on - but to no avail  - it continues to snow into mid morning.

I would cherish the snow in December, January and February - love to see it, feel it, and be enveloped by it safe and snug in my barn haven, but now I have lost my committment to snow and the mess it brings, and have sworn off messy footprints and paw prints, replacing them I suppose with spring mud prints.

Ripley, our wild lab, has taken to "gardening" as well. I suppose the wonderful newly melting ground beckons him.  His gardening is not appreciated by me nor by my plants. Their roots get ripped out  helter skeleter and each day he tries something new, and it is disheartening that he is not bonding with mother nature, but he is most certainly NOT.

We have blooms in place in the barn which makes for a cheery setting even in the dreary days we often face with late winter. Beautiful blooms destined for one of our customers. I will miss them when they go, but happily they will have good homes!

The stork has arrived in the studio - well maybe not a stork - or maybe a mini stork. Our zebra finches have become parents - we cannot see the little hatchlings buried in their nests, but we can hear then squeaking. It sounds like an asthmatic wheeze as they chirp for food.

Mother finch seems to be doing a good job taking care of them while the father flits around not quite sure what his new role is or perhaps thinking his role is over!

Thought of the day: Be kind...


March snowstorm on wrought iron chair

Beautiful flowers for a wonderful customer.

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