Friday, October 26, 2012

Staying the course... always...

We  learn from everywhere and everyone.

Andrew is the heart of this business and we so enjoy seeing him smile.

We will be working on our mailing list and getting Andrew out to the post office and moving him forward.

We appeciate all the efforts from our little team of 3.

So onward and upward and making some new sweet things for Christmas. 

check it out! We are working on hand stamped muslin ribbons, and little clothespins all decorated for your holiday packaging.

We try to engage Andrew in the muslin shredding (something he genuinely loves) so muslin ribbons are a big part of the shop - we hope you like them.

Check out our flowers and one of our chief flower lovers and makers, Amanda, Andrew's  main helper and support for his jobs!

Yay Amanda..

Amanda hard at work antiquing flowers!

Christmas flowers with our special birdie friend

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