Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving forward when backwards is our primary mode of locomotion

For the last two months we have seen the beginnings of obsessive and repetitive behavior. It has reared its head and continues to be the focus of each and every day.

We have a comittment on a daily basis to keep Andrew going forward - no matter how much his brain wishes to take him backward-forward-and backward again. That is the nature of OCD - something we have seen to a minor degree in the past, but something that now has become a part of every waking hour and threatens to grind our progress to a halt.

Working in his own business has been a primary focus of our little company and continues as  part of our sole purpose of existing.  Creating a business for somone who is severely autistic and nonverbal has been a labor of love from the outset and began when Andrew was at another low point in his life.

We are now faced with another giant hurdle, and it feels like we are moving a mountain most days.

We click off the repetitions, tally them up at the end of the day, (for whom we collect this data I am not quite sure), since there appears to be no experts waiting in the wings to help us move him through it and out of it) but collect data we do in the hopes that we will see a decrease in the oncoming weeks.

We have andrew engaged in his jobs for the business, labeling and stamping and we are getting ready for a big mailing to all of our customers and friends who have supported our little shop.

We have donated $200.00 to the SJ Kids Trust and will be donating another check in the next few weeks.

We are committed to  making a difference even if it is a tiny drop in an ocean - we continue to do our very best to help.

We are launching a new flower line - fun for us to do, engaging for andrew and we hope sellable and enjoyable for those who purchase our little blooms.

Each one is hand made from paper from shapes andrew or myself or amanda, (Andrew's  job,  coach and indispensable partner in crime does each day). She is Andrew's organizer and chief work supervisor and she does it very well. Without her I don't think we could keep him going as much as we have been able to do. She is an integral part of all that Andrew does and she makes a big difference in his life. Yay, Amanda!

So our flowers will be the focus of a lot of our energy in these next few months and I hope that they bring a smile to  our customers when they see the happy blooms!

We have flowers for autumn and winter as well as flowers for all occasions, including weddings, parties and babies!  Please browse our Etsy shop and stop in and say hello!  We enjoy visitors to our virtual shop and we appreciate your comments and your interest.

Keep the faith and never ever never give up your dreams!

Cate, Andrew & Amanda

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