Thursday, November 15, 2012

Going to Hoboken - We hope

Hurricane Sandy did a job on our coastline, and Hoboken was hard hit with flooding.  The Hudson had no end to its fury. We had intended to attend the Hoboken Craft Fair for the Holidays and feared it was a wash out.

We found out yesterday it is a go. So perhaps we will go!

Pictures sent - check in the mail - so we will see. Apparently our paper flowers are a bit "different" and a welcome surprise from the usual craft fair fare, soaps, jewelry and toilet paper holders shaped liked Santa... ho ho ho.

We are woking on roses, flowers, Holiday bunches and bouquets.  A little tempest in a teapot with a cobalt tea pot overflowing with flowers of silver, reds, and blues. Quite a little show stopper.

Tea roses are coming together in elegant shades and will soon be ready for the vase. 

We are growing our flower business bloom by bloom by bloom, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. The flowers have been popular at our shows and it gives us confidence to create more  flowers in every changing colors and patterns. 

Andrew has been busy shredding muslin for our home made ribbons and we have holdiay stamped ribbons ready for package wrapping! Add your own special touch to each present!

Cate  and the Papercatz gang

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