Monday, August 17, 2015

August - a month of musings

It has been a tough summer... hotter than usual ...drier than usual and exceptionally challenging both with the simple things... garden and flowers and with the more complex things... selling,  creating, marketing, advertising... and continuing to hope that I have what it takes to make my Etsy shop reasonably successful.

This summer has challenged me in ways I have not felt before, perhaps I am in a different place, different mind set... more susceptible to self doubt... but I find myself dreading opening that page, looking at my shop, trying to avoid checking in, but feeling guilty that I have waiting for me to respond and I am missing in action.

Where have all the customers gone? I have been singing that tune most of the summer... crashing precipitiously in June into the true summer doldrum of small shop stall.... It challenges the owner to think a bit differently... what other clients/customer/or buyers might be out there. Etsy cannot be my only venue, outlet and experience... but I often hogtie my own hands afraid to branch out further, afraid to try new lanes, roads and pathways to selling and marketing...

Self doubt creeps in and acts an invisible cord, not around my hands, but around my mind, my creativity, my spark, and my belief in myself. without a believe in oneself most forward motion cannot take place... and so I sit with flower "block" not sure how I want to proceed, why or where, and YEt at the same time, my flowers have grown on their own time and space into better products than the ones that were original to the shop... Have I lost my confidence? If so what do I need to do to find it again?

Life is a game... full of steps, ladders, mountains, streams and oceans... some are bigger obstacles to tackle than others, but all need to be dealt with. I never quit till the last chip falls and as I close I whisper to myself "flower power."

we all have our hurdles, grab a hand, say a prayer and leap....

cate :)

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