Saturday, July 5, 2014


High summer as opposed to low summer which in my tradition hits in August - the dog days of summer - hot and muggy. High summer are those blue sky days where there is less humidity and more ability to breathe.  Those GTBA days (Good to be alive days)... I look at the crystal azure skies and I am happy to breathe in the cooler air. Today is one of those days, and the sky is putting on its show of crystal blue that I cannot stop looking upward to admire...

Today the chickens got a treat that to them is the caviar of treats BUTTERNUT SQUASH.

This mini flock are Belgian D'uccles - bantam chickens small in size, but big in personality.

They adore butternut squash - cooked of course.
Shrimp with cucumber - Yum
Fouth of July celebration cupcakes and the old Red, White and Blue

Braveheart on the right coming up for air with a beak full of butternut. Blondie on the left is a little wary.
Tessa second from left never came up for air and ate till it was all gone. 

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