Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And so it goes - autism plus or autism unchained

For most parents living with kids on the spectrum, especially on the severe end of the spectrum, we hear about the "epilepsy" connection - the high incidence of seizures - hoping to dodge that bullet..  I thought we had. Andrew was past the early teens finger crossed one less thing to worry about.

But it was not meant to be.  He had two seizures in the course of a month. Big huge seizures that take my breath away and  take me back to a new level of anxiety. His poor brain, so besieged as it is neurologically speaking, now has to undergo this assault.  On top of that the seizure caused a fall which caused a concussion and laceration. He was out of it for days after and required a visit to the E.R.

But, thankfully he is back now - doing some work again for Papercatz and resuming his role as my most loved assistant. He is tough, difficult by anyones' standards, but I love him and so life goes on.

Grace in retrospect that we had many years without seizures, and prayers for the future to be seizure free some day.

Will have to post some new pictures of andrew working. This week he worked on new cotton muslin tags.  Very sweet and special for summer. Andrew shredded all of the cotton used to make the tags.

cate :)

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