Monday, January 6, 2014

WINTER - 2014- CrAzY

Winter rolled in with blasts of weather that I can honestly not conjure up memories of weather so absurd, unpredictable and chaotic that it defies expectations.

Mornings that can start out at 0 degrees and turn into afternoons in the 40's and vice versa.

We saw a frigid cold of 2 just a few days ago - which was accompanied by a blast of snow to the depth of approximately 8 inches only to see that wiped out  a few days later with fog, torrential rains, and now mud with barely a trace of the 8 inches left a mere three days later.

We are expected to see frigid temps tonight near 1 degree - only to wake to a morning in the 50's.  It is rather interesting, bizarre but frightening.

an outdoor fire pit treated to a snowy cap!


frosty snow like winter's cupcake icing, perfectly formed and shimmering

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