Sunday, January 26, 2014

SIMPLE DREAMS - The art of doing nothing...

It dawned on me the other day as I watched my cat lounging on the couch that to be a cat might not be a bad thing. She lounged with a sense of relaxation  only a cat could emulate.. I was jealous... It was 15 degrees outside.  We had been hit by two "polar vortexes" (buzz weather word this year) and yet she  seemed to have a devil may care cavalier attitude about all of it.  I pondered if I could squeeze next to her just to grab a little "cat nap." The sun was streaming in the front window and despite the cold outside the living room was toasty warm and the couch was incredibly inviting. I thought she might not mind sharing the space - she looked at me rather, peevishly , however and with an almost imperceptible eye brow lift as if to say "Don't crowd me."

But... my human nature overtook me and I thought about all the things I needed to do and chose instead to "work." I left the lounging to her.  I spent the day working and also thinking about the counter cultural split man versus pet and I was for just a few moments drawn into the simplest of thought processes. What would it be like to get up and have "nothing" to do but eat... sleep... play a a bit and sleep a bit more.  Would we humans tolerate such a schedule? Would our brains atrophy if we were to put them to such low level usage? Would we be happy returning to a simpler state of being like our furry friends? I cannot answer those questions for I have forgotten the art of relaxing... as have many of us.  We are surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that beg our attention and demand our fingers or eyes be engaged 24/7. I am annoyed by this lately, screens that grab our attention, phones that whistle, squawk, buzz, vibrate. Enough... I want to shout.. just be still.
Tabitha - lounging - 

Thomas, her brother, prefers the floor. 

Our carriage barn - chock full of crafty ideas

The polar vortex has created 4 foot icicles on the barn

Ruby often assists in the barn - she loves to lay by the pellet stove! 

I often dream about it, but work always calls me... I dream about being surrounded by piles of creative magazines and books and just reading and ripping out pages for future inspiration and having  just the time of my life in a sea of  magazines on my bed! Maybe one day I could live this dream.  I think about it a lot and often think about getting away to a massive farmhouse in New England with a few good friends and "nesting" enjoying company, conversation and the art of doing nothing...

Dreams can and do come true sometimes so I have not relinquished my hopes to launch these simple dreams.

cate :)

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