Thursday, November 7, 2013

Andrew and the fine art of being outdoors

I always wonder why the universe at large feels that kids with disabilities need to work harder to get nowhere than the general population....

They should work every day when the rest of the world takes vacations, time off and just goofs off. I have had this ongoing and frustrating conversation more so later than usual.

Very hard for me to support that type of thinking, when I feel it is so important to program time for positive experiences and happiness - all of us should take time off for happiness.

We often go weeks without giving ourselves that special time to exhale and take in the world around us - we are so busy with work work work and the daily grind of life. It is no different for kids with disabilities  and it seems we are all missing bigger picture of how important it is to make "memories."  You will remember your worst day on vacation before you will ever remember your BEST day at work..

So we played hooky yesterday and went bike riding - Andrew is especially fond of clouds of all shapes and sizes and the windier it is the more he likes to cloud gaze. I too, am drawn upward for a peak at the heavens - fascinated the smallness of us in the vastness of the universe.

Yesterday was an especially good cloud day with formations of all shapes and sizes! I enjoyed them as much as he did!

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