Monday, September 9, 2013


Awhile ago - three weeks or so- I posted that  my silkie hens were sitting on eggs - comandeered from a local chicken farm since we have no rooster - there was no point in sitting on our own eggs.

So surrogates come in all shapes and sizes and so it came to be that my girls, Paris and Penny go to babysit and hatch some eggs.

I have waited impatiently for the three weeks to pass and was just about to give up hope since there were no signs of life from these eggs at all. they are supposed to peep inside the egg and there was NO peeping.

So I saw a broken shell this afternoon and then another broken shell and NO chicks... so I was afraid to lift the hen up to see what was under afraid they were just empty egg shells.

this is what I see so far....
There is the open egg shell - now to see if there is anything under the hen!
stay tuned.


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