Saturday, December 21, 2013

Counting stars - living the live you have

I was recently speaking to a friend who relayed to me a story about a young man stricken with a brain tumor - whose subsequent surgery has left him essentially unable to speak, walk properly or engage in those activities he was fully accustomed to doing  as a young man of 27.  She relayed how the family was upset and understandably worried and distraught at his lack of ability to be "who he used to be."

I believe that living the life that I do - with a son who is severely disabled by autism - leads me to see this young man's situation and life in general in a different light.  I see the optimism versus the pessimism and I see a life worth living and worth fighting for even if he never returns to his former function. I see a blessing of him surviving 5 surgeries, infection and numerous set backs. I see a warrior and a survivor and someone I truly admire and would encourage to fight on.

I understand how his family feels --they have "lost" who they knew - they have had to replace their fully functional and independent son and brother with a facsimile of his former self and they are undeniably and understandably upset and discouraged.

Living the life I have has led me to counting stars  - I count blessings in the every day hurdles accomplished - in hours, minutes and seconds - I count stars for what I have not what I wish I had or would like to have had.   I count stars every day for the simplest things. A beautiful sunset stopped me in my car yesterday evening, breathtaking and blessed - mother nature sending us messages that I hope we take note of.

We rush - stumble and race through life forgetting to count the stars - a dog's funny antics - a kitten tumbling with its mouse toy, a  time of peaceful thoughtfulness, lunch with a friend, a baby's first smile - so many things.

I feel so blessed to have met my son and to have him in my life. He has taught me to count stars every day not for what I wish I had , but for what I have...



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