Saturday, September 15, 2012

Streamlining the products - maximizing the effort

Creating a small business aimed at developing the talents of a teen with autism is fraught with change, modifications, and derailments.

The rising and falling of cycles of obsession lead us to change our expectations and to modify our work load with deference to his abilities on any given day.

A project expectantly hopeful that Andrew will participate fully will, at times, have to be modified to a much simpler format due to an obsession with a tag, a string or a bit of accessory that catches his eye and demands he remove it.  We fully accept these limitations and accept also that the business is being developed and run by and for an individual with autism, and we adapt ourselves to his particular needs on any given day.

There is often an audible sigh as we watch Andrew take apart a project we had hoped to package and sell. But, the dismay passes quickly and we regroup to try again in a different way to keep him engaged in the process.

This is a journey, unmapped and untried so we soldier on!

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