Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who do we trust

When raising a child on the autism spectrum, it is an ongoing battle to understand how best to help and who to trust  in the process.

I have learned nothing and learned a lot all at the same time, and I have no answers.

What I know (quoting Oprah) is that you have to trust yourself first, your gut, your spirit and your determination to steer a direction that feels right...

There are many many times that I want to give up, give in and throw in the towel, but I never do because to do so would be to quit not only on my dreams but on Andrew's as well.  Without me/us steering, holding tight and caring, his stormy seas would quickly turn to an endless tsunami. 

Riding crest after crest to nowhere.  So I hang tight to those things I believe in, attempt to steer straight and true, and learn to turn off the noise around me that serves no purpose but to distract.

Bless us all  surfers of these uncertain seas!

Andrew continues to work in his shop and I continue to hope and pray for a better future not only for him but for all. 


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